Brows fully shaped (waxed and tweezed) to enhance your gorgeous facial features!


Give your brows a pop with semi-permanent dye to enhance and define your brows!

Brow Center

Waxes the center of the brow AKA the unibrow.

Brow Trim

Achieve polished brows with our quick Brow Trim, perfect for a neat and tidy look. Ideal for effortlessly refined brows.

Brow wax + tint

Experience the transformation with our Brow Wax & Tint: a quick, expert service to shape and enhance your brows, giving you a polished look that frames your face perfectly. Ideal for a bold brow impact with minimal effort.


Fluff up your brow game with our Brow Lamination service! It's like a mini facelift for your eyebrows, giving them a set, uniform shape for an extended period. Perfect for those who desire a fuller, sleeker look with absolutely no fuss. Say hello to effortlessly glamorous brows that stay in place, rain or shine.

Brow wax + mapping

This service includes brow mapping, waxing, shaping, and tweezing to accentuate your features!

Lux Brows

Elevate your brow care to a pampering experience they truly deserve! Our deluxe service includes brow mapping, precise waxing, expert tinting, a rejuvenating jelly mask, nourishing serums, and the soothing touch of a jade roller for ultimate brow pampering.


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