Men’s Waxing


From below the neck to the underwear line


The area between the eyebrows


Brows fully shaped (waxed and tweezed) to enhance your facial features


In between the bum

Glutes $50

Removes all the hair in the nether regions!


From the collar to the breastbone region

Add-ons: Shoulders +$15

What are the benefits of having a man waxed?

What are the benefits of having a man waxed? It is a common misconception that men should not wax. In reality, it can have many benefits for both men and women.

For starters, when a man has hair on his body, it can be very uncomfortable to wear clothes. It also makes him sweat more which can lead to bad body odor. So if a man does decide to get waxed, he will no longer have this problem.

In addition, waxing reduces the risk of ingrown hairs and bumps which can be caused by shaving or hair removal creams. It also helps with the appearance of a man’s skin because it removes dead skin cells that accumulate over time due to friction from clothing and other factors.

What are the dangers of getting waxed as a man?

Waxing is a hair removal technique that is often used for people with sensitive skin. It removes the hair from the root which makes it less painful and faster to grow back.

Waxing can be painful if you have sensitive skin. The wax might irritate your skin and cause a rash or red bumps. It can also lead to ingrown hairs in the future, which are very difficult to remove. Waxing should not be done on people who have any kind of skin condition such as psoriasis or eczema because it could make those conditions worse.

It’s important to know what you’re getting into before you get waxed so that you can prepare for any possible side effects or complications that may arise afterwards.

When is the best time to get waxed?

Waxing is a beauty treatment that removes hair from the root. It can be done on any part of the body, but some areas are more popular than others.

The best time to get waxed is when you have enough time to maintain the desired results. This means that you should not get it done on a day before an important event or on a day when you will be wearing something that might rub against your skin and cause irritation.

What should I do after getting waxed?

When you get waxed, it can feel like a major accomplishment. You may be feeling relieved, or even proud of yourself for taking care of your body and getting rid of hair that might have been bothering you for a long time. But as soon as the feeling wears off, you may realize that there are still some things you need to do after getting waxed.

It is important to know what to do after getting waxed so that your skin can heal properly. There are a few things you should do in order to make sure your skin is healthy and happy while it heals from the procedure.

– Clean the area with soap and water before putting on any lotion or moisturizer
– Apply an ice pack to the area for at least 10 minutes at a time

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