Ever Heard of Bikini Waxing? Here’s What You Need to Know

Over the years grooming has been a major part of people’s lives. It involves a number of different things that all go together to helping people look the way they want to. When it comes to women, a major part of their grooming happens to involve the removal of bodily hair. They usually do that in a number of ways, including shaving and waxing. The removal of hair extends to pretty much all part of the female body, including the pubic region. The removal of hair from the public region is often called bikini waxing when it comes to women.

What is Bikini Waxing?

Visible pubic hair has long been disapproved of in some cultures, especially when they’re found on women. Hence, the removal of pubic hair is often a cultural reason for many women. For others, it is a stylistic choice on top of a grooming one as well. Instead of going at it with a razor, a practice that could end up doing a fair bit of damage, bikini waxing emerged as a reasonable alternative and proved to be popular among women. Its popularity even led to the creation of male waxing, the male counterpart for bikini waxing.

The process for bikini waxing involves using a special kind of wax. The wax is usually applied hot, but can also be applied when cold. After the wax solidifies on the skin, it is quickly pulled off. The way to pull it off involves using a strip of cloth. Moreover, the stripping off the hair is done quite quickly in order to not let the wax set, causing less pain for the person undergoing the process.

Pretty much anyone can get a bikini waxing. There are no pre-requisites to it. However, for those who have never undergone it before, trimming the pubic hair using a razor, scissors, or practically anything else is advised. Moreover, applying an antiseptic to the pubic region can also help since the skin is not accustomed to waxing. Often, bikini waxing involves the use of baby oil in the more sensitive areas of the pelvic region. The lotion helps soften the areas and massage them as well.

Bikini waxing does not just extend to the pubic regions of a woman’s body. Instead, it also happens to involve the bikini lining. The bikini lining is the area of the thighs that is visible after a bikini is worn. Hair on this area are removed via bikini waxing too.

Although the idea of bikini waxing was controversial when it was first introduced but it was quickly embraced by women because of the ease it provided them. A bikini waxing procedure runs for an hour and the hair don’t come back until 3-8 weeks later. Its well worth the cost and time for those who want their body to be rid of pubic hair.

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