Everything You Need to Know About Male Waxing

Here is the low-down for mens waxing in Baltimore….Grooming the body has long involved getting rid of the excess and unwanted hair. The hair may stem from any part of the body and may be trimmed if needed. However, one body part which has been historically hard to groom is the public hair. It’s obviously hard to get rid of hairs that are on the genitalia. The solution for that started out for females initially, with the practice being known as bikini waxing. Following suit, men also started turning towards waxing as a solution to public hair removal. The practice of male waxing became popular in the 90s and has only grown more so of late.

How Is Male Waxing Done

Male waxing typically follows the same process and methods as bikini waxing. A layer of wax is applied to the skin in the areas where the hair is supposed to be removed. After the wax sets, a cloth is used to rip off the hair and the dead skin cells beneath them, leaving the body smooth and without hair. A harder wax is generally used for more sensitive areas such as the skin of the scrotum and penis. Moreover, baby oil is often applied to such areas as an adhesive for the wax. Modesty towels are usually discouraged during male waxing as they happen to absorb oil.

How Prevalent Is It?

Although male waxing has become popular over the last three decades, there are no actual numbers for how many people get it done. The general consensus notes that male waxing is far less popular than female waxing. This may be because the bodybuilding and modelling sectors are usually the ones where male waxing is popular. Moreover, the introduction of DIY waxing kits has made the practice far more frequent at home. Less and less people are now getting waxed at a salon, with many people choosing to do it themselves. Hence, the actual figures for how popular male waxing is are not easily found.

Which Areas Does It Include

Male waxing can usually include the entire male pubic region. It is a total removal of hair from the area and often called the manzilian (short for man “Brazilian”). A popular term in male waxing happens to be the “back, sack, and crack” where the scrotum area, the back, and the area between the buttocks is all waxed and rid of hair.

Benefits and Possible Dangers

The benefits of male waxing happen to include the fact that it’s an effective process that gets rid of hair quickly. Moreover, the hair doesn’t grow back for at least 3-8 weeks after a session, making its effect last for a fairly long period of time.

However, waxing is not advised by doctors for people who suffer from diseases such as diabetes and other health problems that involve poor circulation of blood. Furthermore, people with skin allergies can sustain damage from the waxing process and are usually advised to abstain from having it done.

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