Eyebrow Threading

Many women prefer their eyebrows to be neater and maintained. An easy and natural option for hair removal is eyebrow threading. It is a very simple and fast process for shaping brows that is generally thought to be painless.

The process

The threading process is quite simple and commonly requires a piece of cotton thread which is twisted and glided across the brow to shape. It pulls the unwanted hair from the skin without any damage to the hair follicles or unnecessary tugging on the skin. You will be consulted before the process to decide on the shape you want. Eyebrow threading usually lasts for around 10 to 15 minutes.


As compared to waxing, laser treatment or tweezing, threading is believed to be a very precise and safe method of hair removal specifically for the fragile areas around the eyes. This is because the technician is able to remove even the finer hairs that tend to stick to wax. With threading, no unwanted stray hairs are left around your eyebrow which gives it a more defined shape.

It also hurts significantly less than waxing as it removes only the body hair and not the skin. Moreover, threading is more suitable for people with acne-prone, sensitive skin that is prone to irritation. Eyebrow threading is a natural and organic process that does not make use of harsh chemicals on the face unlike other forms of hair removal. It is also believed to be gentler on the skin so it is a better option for people who are taking medications for acne-prone skin.
In addition, threading is safer for all skin types and it does not create ingrown hairs unlike waxing. This may be a reason why many people prefer to get threading rather than waxing. Waxing can also burn the skin of people sometimes.


While threading is generally considered to be a safe option for most people, this is not always the case. Patients who have just gone through cosmetic surgery or any similar procedure are highly cautioned against getting threading as it has certain risks. However, this can easily be overcome by just waiting a few days after the surgery until the skin heals before getting threading. While it can be a little uncomfortable, it poses no harm or damage to the skin.


The rate of hair growth is different for everyone as it depends on how fast the hair grows. Generally, clients tend to get their threading done after every two to three weeks. Threading can last as long as waxing since it removes singular hairs.


Eyebrow threading is a very inexpensive process. However, the cost can vary depending on practitioner, region and individual needs. Generally, pricing is around $12 to$40 for the eyebrows.

The Right Practitioner for You

Another important step you should take before getting your eyebrows done is to find yourself a practitioner that fits your needs exactly. You can discuss the different options and desired brow shapes with your practitioner as they can guide you best. After you set your appointment, be sure to relax.

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