I’ve got your back

Back treatment at HotWax

Spring is here and it’s time to bare our backs. But, are you ready???

“Bacne” can come from a number of sources like hormonal shifts, humidity, even working out can suffocate the skin causing breakouts. Either way, your sebaceous oil glands are working overtime clogging your pores, and it won’t fix itself. HotWax offers Back Treatments to handle this very issue.

You’ll experience a deep, double cleanse, manual and chemical forms of exfoliation, steam, hot towels, light massage, extractions, and a treatment masque for clearer, smoother skin.

Our client pictured in both images had two back treatments. Her comedones, papules and sebaceous filaments (blemishes and blackheads) were extracted, and the inflammation and redness was calmed and soothed. She was prescribed a lactic acid cleanser to further heal her acne and lighten her skin.


This HotWax client’s acne was visibly healing after her second back treatment.

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